What is a BIG Gym?

A BIG Gym is not just a gym. It is a safe place to exercise where there is community and friendship, not judgement or orders. Our gym and personal training services have been developed to be considerate of the challenges that many can find in a gym. This has resulted in a community who are all working together to improve their health and striving to see change. We know that not everyone works at the same pace, nor finds the same motivations. By working together, we can support each other and celebrate each other’s successes.

Participating in social gatherings and enjoying exercise together can have the additional benefits of a decreased risk of loneliness, improving mood and increasing memory function.

Our Ethos

Getting fit doesn’t have to be complicated. It’s not just about attending a class, it’s about having access to ongoing support throughout the week to encourage and inspire every body on their journey. We’re not going to preach or expect sudden or immediate change. We believe that the most successful approach to developing fitness is through a balanced diet and a sustainable approach to weight loss and fitness.

BIG Health and Fitness are experienced in delivering specialist classes for a wide range of clients with differing needs. We adapt our classes to ensure each member is fully included, and all health needs, worries or fears are taken into account.

Big Health & Fitness Gym Luton

Luton Gym

The BIG Health and Fitness Studio is our Luton gym. It’s currently our main centre of training and operations. We run a number of Luton gym classes on a weekly basis. Located within the Active Fitness Club, Luton, there’s an ever increasing portfolio of gym classes. We can guarantee that there’s something for everyone. The BIG Studio is tucked away from the main area of the gym, and we run a variety of activities from here. The Studio is created to be a safe space, with no one able to watch the classes from the outside gym. The activities available

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Stevenage Gym

BIG Health & Fitness team are excited to now offer a range of gym classes and personal training in Stevenage. We work closely with the Active Fitness Club Directors, Managers and Staff to provide safe havens within their clubs. Each of the classes at  BIG are fun, inclusive and accessible. There’s always plenty of laughter and encouragement.

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