We're on a mission to change the face of fitness in a BIG way.
By making personal fitness obtainable and enjoyable for everyone

every body matters

Health and fitness should be attainable by everyone, no matter what their size, shape, age or abilities. The experience of becoming the weight you want to be shouldn’t be a scary, difficult or lonely experience. It should be an enjoyable part of every day life.

That’s why we started the BIG Health & Fitness community. We provide award winning personal training for people of all shapes and abilities. We are experts in training people with additional needs such as obesity and disabilities. Our team also work across cultures with cultural awareness and sensitivity.

The BIG community is made up of people like you, who want to enjoy a journey to fitness. The community support and encourage one another through events, at the gym and online. Our approach is inclusive and non-judgemental, offering helpful support throughout.


BIG gyms are exercise spaces that are safe, accessible and inspirational. Each of our classes is carefully developed with our unique approach. The classes cater for all abilities, and ensure that people can feel included and develop at their own pace.


Our personal trainers come in all shapes and sizes and have each been on their own journey to fitness. All BIG trainers have first-hand experience of obesity or disability and understand the steps needed to achieve effective weight loss.


BIG Health and Fitness work closely with partners who understand the needs of our community, ensuring that there is a wide range of support and education opportunities. We also provide tools and tips in how to maintain the weight loss once it has been achieved.



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